Rechtsanwälte für Versicherungsrecht in Berlin

§ 1 VVG (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz)

With the insurance contract, the insurer undertakes to cover a certain risk of the policyholder or a third party by means of a benefit which he is obliged to provide upon the occurrence of the agreed insured event. The policyholder is obliged to make the agreed payment (premium) to the insurer.

"Competition for the life insurance product functions only in a limited way for the insured. They lack practically feasible opportunities to work themselves and independently toward changes in practice in their favor. Life insurers' contract terms are practically non-negotiable. The policyholder has no chance to conclude an insurance contract with surplus participation in such a way that the hidden reserves are taken into account, at least in part, even without realization, and possibilities for cross-compensation are made transparent and limited in terms of content. After conclusion of the contract, the possibilities to influence the contractual relationship are even more limited. In particular, termination of the contract is not an economically sensible option, as it is regularly associated with considerable disadvantages."

BVerfG, Judgment of July 26, 2005, Ref.: 1 BvR 80/95

Protection against risks through insurance covers all private and professional areas of life. If the insured risk occurs and the insurer refuses to provide the desired insurance coverage or the expected benefits, the policyholder is regularly disadvantaged vis-à-vis the insurer. Often, he cannot judge the legitimacy of the refusal. In order to examine and successfully assert your rights, it is advisable to seek advice from a lawyer specializing in insurance law.

We represent your interests nationwide efficiently and assertively against insurance companies in all areas of property and personal insurance as well as company pension plans. We have many years of experience in enforcing claims against insurers both in and out of court. In complex insurance cases, we regularly work together with renowned experts and actuaries.
We represent self-employed persons in the sensitive areas of health and occupational disability insurance. Another special focus of our activities is in the area of life and pension insurance. These not only provide coverage in the event of death, but also represent an increasingly important component of asset provision. For example, life insurance policies are frequently used as a financial instrument for construction and real estate financing as well as other capital investments. We regularly observe consulting errors with regard to maturity benefits and yield calculations. Very often, claims for damages can be enforced against the insurance company or the respective insurance broker in these cases. In the course of the liberalization of the German insurance market, we are increasingly initiating proceedings against foreign insurance companies and their brokers.

We also represent the interests of numerous policyholders in the case of so-called credit-financed annuity insurance policies and other interest differential transactions sold by companies such as SpaRenta, Schnee Group, LEX AG in close cooperation with banks and insurance companies. Before a back completion of the contracts the question of the priority examination of a possible reorganization arises straight with self-employed ones first. Often, after appropriate negotiations, a contract can be saved by an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company or bank.

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