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  • Medizinrecht I HMRP Rechtsanwälte

MedR - Medical Law

Medical law is a very complex and comprehensive field of law. We advise and represent patients as well as physicians/dentists in all questions of medical liability, as well as in judicial medical malpractice proceedings, in contract physician law in the establishment and sale of practices, but also in practice-related labor law issues. We also represent pharmacists in all aspects of pharmacy law, such as questions of operating licenses, but also in difficulties with health insurance companies in the case of retaxations.

AHR - Medical liability law

We also advise and represent you in the enforcement or defense of claims for compensation for pain and suffering, damages or pensions in the context of medical liability.

A treatment error exists if the physician has disregarded the care that could be expected of a prudent, conscientious physician in the specific situation. The following prerequisites must be met in order for this to be the case:

  • the practitioner must have made a liability-relevant error,
  • in which the patient has suffered a legal injury and damage,
  • there must be a causal connection between the fault and the damage,
  • Furthermore, the physician must have been at fault.
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