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Information technology law (IT law)

IT law is the abbreviation for information technology law and is sometimes also referred to as computer law, EDP law, information law, Internet law, multimedia law or software law. IT law deals with the legal consideration of facts from information technology (IT). In this respect, IT law is not a separate, self-contained area of law. It consists of a general and a special part. IT law therefore covers all legal issues arising from the use of electronic media. It includes all areas from the provision of the infrastructure for information transmission, through the various information services and the content they transport, to the commercial use of the Internet and other media.

Services of our law office

Wir beraten und vertreten in allen Fällen des Informationstechnologierechts (IT-Recht), national und international. Dabei bieten wir Ihnen insbesondere folgende Leistungen:

  • Advice on the legally compliant design of online stores and other websites, in particular with regard to data protection and imprints
  • Design of general terms and conditions (GTC) and terms of use for websites
  • Creation of data protection declarations and data protection concepts
  • Advice to data protection officers or in the event of conflicts with data protection officers, appointment as external data protection officer
  • Law for the protection of minors on the Internet (JMStV, StGB, JuSchG)
  • Advice on the registration of domains, in particular due to trademark rights of third parties
  • Preparation of domain transfer contracts, representation vis-à-vis Denic, seizure of a domain
  • Advice on copyrights for images, photos, texts, web design and source code
  • Defense in IT-specific criminal offenses (spying and interception of data, identification of IP address holders, computer fraud; phishing)
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