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Industrial property and copyright

The term industrial property protection summarizes a large number of legal fields, which are more or less all related to the rights of various kinds typically developed or used in a commercial enterprise. Industrial property also includes unfair competition law and copyright law. Copyright law has become increasingly important as a result of the digitization of works. For example, image rights are often the subject of dispute. A photographer's copyright arises more quickly than some people think. Infringer surcharges and license agreements are recurring terms here. We help you in cases of anti-competitive behavior by competitors and other competitors as well as in cases of unjustified claims or in the case of warning letters. We are also happy to help you with disputes concerning copyrighted works of literature, science and art. Particularly in connection with the new media, our law firm offers cross-territorial advice and support, also with reference to the Information technology law (IT law).

Services of our law office

We advise and represent clients in the fields of intellectual property, competition and copyright law. In these areas, we handle several hundred mandates annually and offer the following services in particular:

  • Trademark law
  • Check brand online
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Design law / Design patent law
  • Competition law
  • Copyright
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